C O O K E R Y   C L A S S E S

Private cookery classes are done at your home. I've chosen to do private classes this way as it allows the client to feel comfortable as they use their own equipment. You'll also be able to sit down and enjoy the dishes we have created together, after I have gone!


Each class lasts 3-4 hours, where you will have one-on-one tuition and will learn to cook around 3 dishes. The prices are as follows (surcharges may apply for premium proteins):


1 Person : £110

2 People : £195

3-4 People : £300


I will provide all the ingredients for the class (including any hard-to-find ingredients, which you'll then get to keep) and any specialist equipment. You will also receive a tote bag with an apron and all of your recipes - this is also yours to keep.


I have different types of menus depending on the requirements of every client. I like to discuss with the client what it is that they would most like to learn (including any particular cuisines), and then build the appropriate menu for them. It is also helpful to know if there are any particular dates or times that someone would like a class.


Once I have all of this information, I will then send you some suggestions for you to choose from. After you have decided what you want, you can then book and pay for the class.